Polish White Goose

The Polish National Research Institute of Animal Breeding has started to develop and breed a white goose species called “White Koluda” since 1962. All the parental (so-called “Mother Goose”) farms in Poland are ordered to purchase their geese from only one source – a state-run farm in Koluda Wielka. All the hatcheries in Poland must acquire license from the government and they must not hatch any goose egg other than “White Koluda” goose egg. Even after the transition to free-market economy in 1990’s, this state monopoly policy still applies. It provides the transparency and traceability of raw materials of “White Koluda” down.

Pure Poland originated white goose is recognized as the goose breed which has biggest down clusters and highest density. Their major food is avena fatua. Polish goose is able to live in extreme cold weather (-30℃), accredits to its thick feather which grows on its breast and abdomen.