Wanxi White Goose

Wanxi White Goose has a muscular body, chin-up posture, arched neck, broad chest and flat back. Snow white down and feathers cover all over its body, on the top of its head there is an orange sarcoid, the shape of its head looks like a lion’s head. The body characters of Lion-Head White Goose: 1. Large body, the average weight of adult male geese can reach 6.8kg, female geese can reach 5.0 ~ 6.0kg; 2. Less feeding requirements, its main food are grass and grain; 3. Superior meat quality, an ideal ingredient of "Roasted Goose" and "Bacon Goose", fresh and delicious with unique taste; 4. High volume of down production, large down clusters, fantastic fill power; 5. Goose skins can be made into fur clothes, soft and fluffy, good insulation ability; 6. High body posture with clear voice.