Songhuariver® White Goose

The Songhua river® white goose belongs to Amur river white goose, which is mainly bred in Suibei and Songhua river regions. The goose species has the characteristics of cold weather resistance and strong egg-laying ability.

Songhua river white goose is famous for its pure white feathers and abundant down volume. The Songhua river white goose has a small oval body shape. Pure white feather, slender neck with small sarcoma on its head. It has a pharyngeal pouch under its jaw. It has an orange beak, orange feet and webs, blue-gray eyes. The abdomen is tight. Local farmers welcome Songhua river white goose because of its fast-growing, strong adaptability, high egg production, cold resistance, and other advantages. Heilongjiang Institute of Animal Husbandry has set up a goose conservation farm, to protect and improve the Songhua river white goose breed. Moreover, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences has set up a goose breeding engineering center for Songhua river white goose.