Anhui Province, China

Pride of Chinese Down

Lion-head White Goose Down


Lu’an City in Anhui Province is the main down producing region for the Wanxi White Goose. The breeding area locates in the western part of Anhui Province, north side of Dabie Mountain is called “Wanxi.” Altitude in the plain is around 30-200m, and the highest mountain in this area is 1774m.

Wanxi White Goose lives in the north boundary of subtropical zone, with a typical monsoon climate and moderate rainfall. It has four distinctive seasons, with adequate sunlight and extended period of frost-free season. Wanxi White Goose has a muscular body, chin-up posture, arched neck, broad chest, and flat back. Snow white down and feathers cover all over its body, on the top of its head there is an orange sarcoid, the shape of its head looks like a lion’s head, it’s also called “Lion-head White Goose.” The Lion-head white goose has high down production ability, pure white plumages, outstanding resilience, high fill power, and mature large down clusters. Each goose can provide about 349g of feathers and 40-50g of down. Down quantity exported from this area weights over 10% of the total quantity of exported Chinese down, which is the top one in China. The skin of lion-head goose can be made into fur coats. The goose skin is soft, light, and warm; it is a quality material for jackets and art wares.