Songhua River

Riverside white goose down 

Songhua River® White Goose Down


Songhua River has an elegant name called “Sky River,” which is also called “song a cha li wu la” in Jurchen language. There are over 600 lakes and marshes located in the drainage basin, being the “Heaven” of waterfowl breeding. Songhua river basin belongs to the temperate monsoon climate, which has four distinctive seasons. The highest temperature in summer is around 30℃ but only lasts a short time with moderate rainfall. The lowest temperature in winter is about -30℃ and it lasts for a long period. Its winter season is always snowy and pretty dry. Such condition encourages the geese to grow out more feathers and down to against the freezing temperature. Songhua river White Goose Down has the characteristics of pure white color, high down production and fill power, which is one of the best goose down species in China.