Pride of Pyrenees

Navarra White Duck Down


In 824 AD, there was an ancient Spanish kingdom on the coast of Atlantic, controlling the Pyrenees Mountains, it was called the kingdom of Navarra. The traditions from ancient kingdom Navarra have been well preserved for centuries, especially the manufacturing skills and techniques to produce high-quality products such as wine, foie gras, smoked salmon, pastrami, bacon, and cheese.

Navarra is also well-known for its high quality-down products. Winter is quite cold and rainy in the Pyrenees Region. Covered with long curved feathers, Navarra ducks live freely and peacefully in the free-range farms. Navarra duck down is one of the best fillings for jackets and beddings, providing soft hand feel and quick resilience. It is recognized as the “Pride of Pyrenees.” Navarra ducks are raised by traditional and efficient methods. They are generally bred for 14 weeks in free-range farms, fed on 100% vegetarian fodder. The breeders strictly comply with the environmentally friendly regulations and special hygiene requirements during the breeding.