Highest grade developed by government

Polish Koluda® White Goose Down


Polish National Research Institute of Animal Breeding has started to develop and breed a white goose species since 1962, which is called “White Koluda.” During the Communist Era, the government has successfully developed a pyramid structure of “White Koluda” goose breeding industry throughout the country. All the parental (so-called “Mother Goose”) farms in Poland are ordered to purchase their geese from the unique state-run farm. Meanwhile, all the hatcheries in Poland must acquire licenses from the government, any goose egg is not allowed to be hatched except “White Koluda” goose egg. Even after the free-market economy in the ’90s, this state-monopoly policy continues. This policy provides the transparency and traceability of the distribution channel of “White Koluda” down. Purebred Polish White Goose Down is regarded as one of the biggest down clusters. Polish geese are carefully raised by family-owned farms. Adult goose usually weights 7-13kgs. They grow up in free, quiet surroundings, fed by nutritious avena fatua. Polish goose can live in extremely cold weather (-30℃) accredit to its thick plumages covered on its body.