Environment builds excelsior quality

German White Goose Down


Germany is not a typical country which is famous for down producing, but a sizeable consuming country for down products. The genuine German goose known as Emden Goose is bred in the north and northwest territory of Germany, which is quite famous in the world. Here you will find the geese living freely in the clean and peaceful farms located on grassland, mountains, and lakes. Germany goose is renowned for its large body size and outstanding feather & down quality. Breeders have accumulated rich practical experiences after years of breeding. After plucking, the down and feather are processed to the highest quality standard by a modern and eco-friendly processing factory located along the famous Main River near Wiesbaden in Germany. Because of its scientific management, outstanding quality and less quantity, the Germany White Goose Down is recognized as the luxury products in the feather and down industry.