Eider Down


Greenland locates in the Arctic Circle. There is no sunlight in this region during the long period of the winter season. On the other hand, in summer, the sun shines 24 hours a day, which benefits the rapid growth of all plants along the coastline, attracts numerous migratory birds staying here for hatching.

Eider ducks are one of these birds. The annual average temperature in Greenland is below 0 ℃, some inland area is even below -70℃. In such a harsh environment, birds in Greenland need to grow thick plumages to keep their body temperature. Under the influence of such freezing climate, the eiderdown sticks to each other with excellent elasticity. There are tiny barbs in the front of the down fibers, make the down layers stick together. The multiple down layers secure a large volume of air, providing unparalleled insulation ability and necessary warmth to hatch the duck eggs. The eiderdown is rated as the highest grade of all the down products in the world. It's truly a diamond among all down & feathers around the world.